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Learn more about the important role that Walk-In Clinics play in keeping British Columbian's healthy.
British Columbia's walk-in clinics have been and will continue to be a vital component of the province's health-care system.

Doctors supporting Walk-In Clinics of BC Association.

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Dr. Jeff Stein owns Stein Medical clinic in downtown Vancouver. He operates out of several clinic locations. He feels strongly that walk-in clinics need a voice in BC healthcare.

Patients First.

Dr Ian Bridger is a family doctor in Victoria. He owns and operates three walk-in clinics. Uptown Medical clinic in Walmart. Tillicum ​Walk-in ​Clinic and Burnside Walk-in clinic. Dr. Bridger supports Walk-in Clinics of BC Association.
Dr. Susan, as she is so affectionately known to her patients is the founder of Norkam Healthcare Center in Kamloops. Her awareness for the need to care for patients who don’t have a family physician prompted her to create a clinic to service both her own patients as well as walk-in patients.
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